Tenant Info

The following information is provided for your assistance when moving into your new home and for the ongoing relationship you will develop with Tullawong Properties


It is your responsibility to arrange for the connection of all services to the property. If you need help with connecting your electricity, gas, internet or phone we can help you with this.

Condition Report:

This document is as important as the Tenancy Agreement you signed as it establishes the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy and will be used in comparison at the end of your tenancy as the basis on which your bond is refunded. Please check it and amend it as necessary. You have three (3) working days after the commencement of your tenancy to complete and return it to the office. If you neglect to return a signed copy of the report, you could forfeit your rights to object if there is a disagreement at the end of your tenancy. At the end of the day this is your bond, your money!

Payment of Rent:

Our preferred methods of payment are by Direct Deposit, credit or debit card, Paypass or alternatively you can post a cheque to the office. Rent is payable in advance on the due date as per your Tenancy Agreement. If you are experiencing any difficulties in meeting your commitments, please advise Tullawong Properties asap. Please remember our landlords have financial commitments to meet and they rely on rent being paid on time.


It is not your landlord’s responsibility to insure your possessions. The landlord’s insurance policy covers only the building plus any fixtures and fittings. With the ever increasing incidence of burglary and theft, we strongly recommend you take out content’s insurance cover. Even flooding of properties the landlords insurance or the landlord is not responsible for the recovery of your belongings so again it is wise to take out your own content insurance.

Change of Tenants:

The landlord has approved the tenancy in your name. If a new tenant wants to occupy the property, their application must be similarly approved. Any change in occupant could affect the bond refund process when you vacate. If the agreement is in joint or multiple names, all parties to it are individually and jointly responsible. In other words, if the agreement is in multiple names and one party does not have the funds to meet their commitments, some or all of the other parties are responsible to meet that commitment. If the agreement is in joint names and one wants to vacate the other wants to stay a change of tenancy form must be filled out to sort the bond. Please contact our office if this is something you are wanting to do.


Most of the problems experienced by tenants, landlords and property managers can be overcome by prompt and honest communication. It’s the tenants’ responsibility to keep the property clean and to meet their financial obligations; it’s the landlords’ major responsibility to see the property is maintained and to ensure that the tenant has peaceful enjoyment; and it’s the property manager’s duty to oversee the process. This can be done with effective communications from all parties. Tullawong Properties is here to assist you during your tenancy. Please direct any problems you may have to our office in writing.