In the modern world, property management has really evolved as a profession. There is a lot more to it than just collecting rents and finding new tenants to fill vacant spaces. At Tullawong Properties, we give all our clients an assurance to manage their property to the best of our abilities in order to ensure their property stays in great condition and has minimal or no vacancy rates. Here is what you can expect from our property managers:

1. At the beginning of the Tenancy

Our aim is to always have your property fully occupied at all times. Whenever there is a vacancy, we use various advertising methods and our extensive network to find prospective tenants to fill the vacancy. We organize and attend tenant inspections which are required by most before they commit. We always do our due diligence to ensure tenant details such as employment records, income, rental history, default history, and other key details are correct and up to date. Upon your approval, we prepare all tenancy documentation needed to commence the tenancy.

2. During Tenancy

Our main role during tenancy is to ensure that all tenants are happy and comfortable and to collect rents. We ensure that all rents are paid on time and in full and if there are arrears, we issue the appropriate notices or take legal action if necessary. We process all the collected rent and deposit to your account as per your request.

We carry out regular inspections on your property and provide you with a detailed report on the state of your property along with colour pictures. If there are any repairs or maintenance that needs to be carried out, we organize for it to be handled by qualified, cost-effective, and fully licensed contractors that we trust.

3. At the end of the tenancy

Whenever a tenant decides to terminate their tenancy, we notify you of any notice received from the tenant relating to vacating. We carry out the necessary post-occupancy inspection in order to compile the exit condition report. If any item requires attention, we correspond with the tenants to ensure we go our separate ways with everyone happy. We make all required submissions such as bond claims or insurance claims and apply for tribunal hearings if necessary.

4. Using Correct Forms

At Tullawong Properties, we only use forms approved by REIQ as they contain all the conditions and clauses that you need to protect your property and comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.

5. Promoting the Property

Promotion is one of our biggest roles when you give us a property to manage. At Tullawong Properties, our target is always 100% occupancy rate at all times. We use all forms of advertising we can; adverts on leading social media sites, �For Rent’ signs on the property, Gumtree advertising, and listings on leading real estate platforms such as,, and

Whenever there is a vacancy, we do regular drive-bys to ensure the property is presentable and ready for prospective renters to visit. We recommend that a contract gardener is hired to tidy up the garden and lawns to make the house more appealing to potential tenants.

At Tullawong Properties, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure you receive maximum returns on your investment without lifting a finger. If you are looking for a professional and ethical property manager who you always have access to, get in touch with Tullawong Properties today on 0408 185 999.